South Philly Barbacoa is closed for the day, along with the couple’s El Compadre. According to the PAUWR website, Hungry Pigeon, Sate Kampar, Le Virtu, Brigantessa, ITV, El Sarape, Mole Poblano, and W/N W/N Coffee Bar are also closed. Le Virtu and Brigantessa owner Francis Cretarola tells Eater Philly he and co-owner/wife Cathy Lee, along with some staff, are using the day to plant in Le Virtu’s garden.

Le Virtu, Brigantessa, El Compadre, and South Philly Barbacoa, among other Philly eateries, declared themselves sanctuary restaurants earlier this year, and Le Virtu hosted a dinner benefiting PAUWR last month

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