We stand by restaurant workers, owners, and consumers and respect their dignity, human rights, and contributions to our industry and our nation – including immigrants, refugees, people of all genders, faiths, races, abilities, and sexual orientations. We have zero tolerance for sexism, racism, and xenophobia. We believe that there is a place at the table for everyone. Sanctuary Restaurants is a joint project of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United and with the participation of thousands of workers, diners, and allies nationwide. Note: Sanctuary Restaurants is not a legal designation. We offer support and resources to workers, restaurants, and consumers to help create the inclusive and equitable world we want to see.

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Sanctuary Restaurants:

  • We believe that diversity makes us stronger; there is a place at the table of everyone,
  • We are committed to creating affirming and safe environments in our restaurants for all,
  • We proudly comply with all laws,
  • We proudly welcome the public into our affirming spaces by prominently displaying the “SANCTUARY RESTAURANTS: A Place At the Table for Everyone” sign or decal,
  • We pledge to support each other and to workers, customers, and restaurant owners by joining this peer network, and
  • We stand with diverse communities to help protect their liberties, dignities, and freedoms


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